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How to be a History Detective: 
Using high tech tools and old-fashioned sleuthing to uncover the history of the UWS buildings
Monday, March 16, 2015 at Hostelling International
The program was a free public program. 

This workshop taught participants how to research the history of a building, school, church, synagogue, or favorite example of UWS architecture. The program included a Research Tools Lecture (approx. one hour) by Anthony W. Robins, architectural historian, author and lecturer and a Brief Overview of Neighborhood Building Typology (approx. 15 minutes) by Susan De Vries, consultant/historic preservation and NYC history. The presentations were followed by optional One-on-one Sessions (limited to 10 minutes each) with one of our research volunteers who further  assisted individual research questions. A research resource sheet tailored with resources for the Bloomingdale neighborhood was distributed along with a map developed by Landmark West!, copies of which were generously provided by LW! for the program. Click here for a copy of the Bloomingdale Neighborhood Resource Sheet.  

For photos from the program, visit our Facebook page. This program was done in partnership with the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group and also sponsored by the Columbus Amsterdam BID and Hostelling International.