The Neighborhood Preservation Center is thrilled to introduce our newest workstation group, More Art, as our first Spotlight of 2017!
Since 2004, More Art has created over forty public art projects and hundreds of educational programs that inspire social justice through creative collaborations between professional artists and communities across New York City. The social and economic issues focused on through these projects include homelessness, gentrification, immigration, and the rights and health of veterans, senior citizens, and youth. More Art is able to invigorate awareness and debate on these important issues by utilizing multiple formats such as public art, educational programs, hands-on workshops, mentorships, artist residencies, and art walks.
Residents of New York on display
Past commissions include the Chelsea Art Project in 2008 which featured three artists whose pieces were inspired by the architectural history and socio-economic fabric of the neighborhood, and Residents of New York - a large-scale photographic series by Andres Serrano displayed in the West 4th subway station and public phone booths throughout Lower Manhattan, that gave those passing by an up-close and personal connection to the city's homeless.
The next project by More Art will be Clean Labor at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn this March. The series of performances, choreographed by Brendan Fernandes in partnership with the hotel's cleaning staff, are set to highlight the work and stories of those who are typically overlooked - including janitors and housekeepers - yet are the foundation to maintaining the city as we know it. The choreography will showcase the graceful movements of the workers (all of whom are immigrants) within the format of contemporary dance. 
Residents, A Documentary Film
Residents, A Documentary Film
To learn more about More Art and their collaborations, please see their website.
The Neighborhood Preservation Center is pleased to be the current base for More Art. For more information about our office program, please visit our website.