SPOTLIGHT: East Village Community Coalition

The East Village Community Coalition was formed when neighbors joined to save the old P.S. 64 building located on East 9th Street from demolition in March 2004. After three years of community efforts, the building was saved and designated as a NYC individual landmark. During this time, the EVCC also spearheaded the historic 111 block rezoning of its neighborhood from 13th Street to the Manhattan Bridge. 

The organization has grown to become a vital resource to the community by advocating for multiple issues including retail diversity, preservation, zoning, transportation, youth development, and public engagement. EVCC also promotes small businesses through its annual printing of 
Get Local!, a guide that lists and encourages the public to support local shops and services. It also helped organize a group of small local businesses to form a merchants association, now known as The East Village Independent Merchants Association, EVIMA. You can read more about EVIMA in a previous Spotlight here
The initiatives of the East Village Community Coalition combine to recognize, support, and sustain the built and cultural character of the East Village. The aspects that make up this character include a diverse population; low-rise, human scale blocks and affordable buildings with historic and architectural significance; a multitude of community gardens; indigenous stores and businesses; and the neighborhood's history and tradition as a haven for those seeking freedom to express artistic, creative, and social concerns.

EVCC engages the community by providing community events throughout the year in all forms, including walking tours, roundtables, forums, fundraisers, and meet and greets that support and advocate for the preservation of the neighborhood.

For more information on the East Village Community Coalition, or to see how you can become involved, please visit its website.


EVCC is among the organizations in our roster that have used our meeting space and partnered with the Neighborhood Preservation Center on public programs. For the full list of meeting room groups, please visit our website